Exit Interviews: Questions to Ask

It is very rare for employees to have only one or two jobs in their lifetime. As an employee moves on to greener pastures, an exit interview can provide insight into turnover and advice for how to increase employee satisfaction. 

Traditionally, exit interviews have been conducted only with employees who are leaving voluntarily. However, exit interviews can be conducted with employees who are leaving the company involuntarily. These questions can help guide you through your exit interviews.

What is your main reason for leaving?


Would you ever consider working here again?


Would you recommend this company to an acquaintance or loved one looking for a job?


What did you enjoy most about working here?


What did you enjoy least about working here?


What do you think that it takes to succeed at this company?


Did you think that you were provided with opportunities to share your opinion on matters that were important to you while working here?


Do you believe that your supervisor(s) cared about you as a person?


During the course of your employment, did you become aware of or observe any conduct or activity that was possibly questionable, unethical, or illegal? If yes, did you notify anyone of your observations?


How did your job measure up to what you expected when you accepted it?


What was your favorite part of your job?


What was your least favorite part of your job?


What could we have done to prevent you from leaving?


Do you think that you were provided with opportunities to learn and grow while working here?


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Thursday, May 28, 2015
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