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National Nutrition Month® Celebration Ideas


National Nutrition Month® Celebration Ideas

March is National Nutrition Month®. During March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages its members to take part in an education campaign to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of good nutrition and position the Academy’s members as the experts in nutrition. Registered dietitians (RDs) and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) are encouraged to take advantage of this national campaign to raise their profile as nutrition experts among patients, coworkers, clients, business associates, and the general public.

The National Nutrition Month theme for 2015 is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle.”

This theme lends itself nicely to a variety of activities and events. You can celebrate National Nutrition Month in your businesses, work settings, and community in many ways. Use the annual theme designated by the Academy as a way to narrow your focus. Take this opportunity to raise your profile among colleagues, patients, and the community as a whole.

National Nutrition Monthmaterials, including handouts and promotional materials, are available on the Academy Web site at The following are just a few ideas to help plan your celebration.


In a workplace or community

E-mail: Send a nutrition fact of the day to your colleagues every day during March. Post the same fact in a visible place in your workplace.

Web site: Incorporate National Nutrition Month tips on your Web site and as part of your signature on e-mails during March.

Newspaper: Write an article for your local newspaper.

Social media: Use technology. Think about the listservs, chat rooms, blogs, and Web sites you interact with on a regular basis. During March, incorporate nutrition messages into your posts and generate nutrition discussions whenever possible.

Food: Prepare a tasty, healthy treat for your coworkers. Provide the recipe and nutrient analysis.

Meetings: Approach local senior groups and other clubs or organizations that have speakers at their regular meetings. Suggest a nutrition presentation during March.

Prizes: Design a nutrition true/false quiz for your coworkers. Provide small prizes for those who answer correctly. Enter all participants into a drawing for a larger door prize (nutrition related, of course).


For local/state dietetic associations

Television and radio stations: Sponsor a “dial-a-dietitian” evening through a local television or radio station. Supply radio or television stations with healthy breakfast baskets.

Supermarkets: Partner with a local supermarket to provide tours, classes, or a nutrition Q & A booth.

Schools: Collaborate with your local school system to promote National Nutrition Month on school menus.

Food drives: Sponsor a food drive for canned fruits and vegetables. Provide nutrition fact handouts about fruits and vegetables for the recipients of the foods.

Signs and billboards: Use National Nutrition Month graphics for a sign or billboard in your community.


Nutrition resources

The following are suggested resources for nutrition information for National Nutrition Month activities*:

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietary Guidelines for Americans


NCES: Health & Nutrition Education

*This list is not all-inclusive. Other sites also provide accurate nutrition information. cannot guarantee the accuracy of all materials available on all sites. RDs and RDNs should use their professional expertise to evaluate messages provided by these sites.


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