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Blogging Tips


Blogging Tips

Do you enjoy writing and working on a computer? Have you thought about starting a blog, or would you like to improve your existing blog? These suggestions may help.

Update often
You absolutely must update your blog several times a week, and preferably every day, at least in the beginning.

Take the time
It is not just writing that takes time. You also will probably need to respond to reader questions, moderate comments, and respond to other blogs that have the same topic as yours.

Choose a topic
You must choose a focused topic, one that is both interesting to you and fairly popular with the audience that you are seeking to reach.

Build a blog within a blog
Once you have chosen your topic, you will want to break it into categories. If you are doing a blog about vegetarianism, one reader might want to look at your recipe category page, while another person might not care about recipes, but instead may want to know about the newest research. In effect, breaking your blog into categories is similar to building a blog within a blog.

Research advertising options
If you would like to eventually monetize your blog, you will need to do careful research. Some Web sites, such as, do not allow advertising on their sites.

Define the purpose of your blog
You must know what the purpose of your blog is. Design your blog with that purpose foremost in your mind. Is it to entertain, to inform, to debate, to educate, or to build a community?

Develop a ‘special twist’
Many blogs are created every hour; so, you need to put a unique touch to what you are doing. Hundreds of blogs may already address your chosen topic. You need to define what your “special twist” is on the subject.

Make your points concise and focused
The average reader will stay at your blog for roughly 1½ minutes. You need to make your points very concise and focused. Use as few words as possible.

Formulate clear post titles
Take your time formulating post titles. Many people skip over this crucial part of post creation. Use keywords in your title that search engines will pick up, and make it clear what the post is about.

Provide appropriate credit
Acknowledge your sources, use quotation marks, and ask for permission if you want to republish anything that is longer than a few short paragraphs.

Make it eye appealing
Is your blog easy on the eyes? Use dark print on a light background. Make sure you have adequate spacing between letters, words, and lines, etc.

Consider use of interviews or a guest blog
Interview other authority figures, or ask other professionals to “guest blog” on your site.

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