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April 2010 Vol. 5 No. 4

New Professional Resources for Your Clients!

Message from Nancy Collins, PhD, RD, LD/N, FAPWCA

I am excited to announce a new tool for your use. RD411.com now has a special calendar where you can advertise your events, meetings, conferences, and webinars for free. If you are planning, hosting or attending an event and want to let others know about it, just click here and enter the information. Once it is approved, it will appear on the RD411.com calendar for everyone to see. This calendar was borne out of your requests. You wanted a tool that was free, easy to use, and would permit you to advertise a wide range of nutrition and health activities. I hope you will take advantage of this so that we can all see the wide range of activities taking place across the nation!

We have many new handouts and articles this month plus many new offers. As always, I hope you find something you can use to streamline your work day so you can spend some extra time with your patients. Please contact me at Nancy@RD411.com with any comments or new ideas.


Quaker Rice Cakes Now Labeled Gluten-Free

Quaker large Rice Cakes are a satisfying snack made with whole grains, and now are also labeled gluten-free to make snacking easier for people who follow a gluten-free diet. The rice cake recipe hasn’t changed, but all of the specially labeled large rice cakes have been tested to make sure they meet the proposed federal standard for gluten-free products, which is 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten. Find them in grocery stores nationwide for an average retail price of $2.49. To learn more about Quaker Rice Snacks, visit www.quakerricesnacks.com


FREE! 2 CPE Units for Fiber Basics and Beyond

Kellogg launched the first high fiber cereal in 1915 and today, the Kellogg Company has more cereals that are good or excellent sources of fiber than any other cereal company.  In other words, we know fiber and we want to share that knowledge with you. That’s why we’ve created a free self-study module, Fiber Basics and Beyond. The module has been peer-reviewed and approved for use by the Commission on Dietetic Registration for 2 continuing professional education units. Visit www.kelloggsnutrition.com to get started!


Have you tried NEW Smart Balance™ Milks?

Newly available across the country, you can now recommend the rich, creamy taste of our fat free* and low fat milks, available in 4 varieties to meet your clients’ needs. All have more calcium and protein per serving than whole milk…and, we offer heart healthy DHA/EPA omega-3 fatty acids† and antioxidant Vitamin E options. Find out more—and get money-saving coupons and educational materials for you and your clients—at our website just for Registered Dietitians, www.smartbalanceRD.com.

* Fat Free varieties contain 1g fat from omega-3 oil blend. † One variety (Fat Free Milk And Antioxidant Vitamins C & E) does not contain omega-3s.


Parkinson’s Disease in the Long Term Care Setting Clinical Practice Guideline

The American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) has updated their clinical practice guideline (CPG) for Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Dr. Nancy Collins is the nutrition contributor to the CPG. This guideline recommends processes that, if implemented, should help long-term care facilities improve the care of patients with PD. For more information and ordering information, click here.


Offers FREE Gifts Baskets

The leading online source of information on the health and nutrition benefits of pistachios, PistachioHealth.com is loaded with fun facts for consumers and the latest nutrition information and other resources for health professionals. Sign up for the quarterly Go Pistachio! Nutrition Newsletter, featuring the latest health-related news about pistachios, and enter to win a FREE pistachio gift basket. Click here to get started.


Cabot Creamery--Making Menu Planning Easier

To complement the healthy eating recommendations you make to patients and clients each day, Cabot's team of Registered Dietitians recently added a new 5-Day Menu Planner section. Taking the guess work out of good eating, each menu plan is based on an 1800 calorie/day diet and provides Exchanges for Diabetes Meal Planning. Be sure to stop by the site to download a menu for your client today. It's just one of the many ways that the Maker of the World's Best Cheddar is helping you, help others eat better!  


Uncover the Facts About Soy

Foods made from whole soy provide all of the naturally-occurring nutrients that soy has to offer. Whole soy is a rich source of fiber, protein, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals including folate, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium. SOYJOY® is a convenient way for your patients and clients to include whole soy in their busy lifestyles.  Per bar, SOYJOY offers 130-140 calories, 8 grams of whole soy, and 4-5 grams of protein. Try SOYJOY® and share them with your patients as a great on-the-go, nutrient-rich soyfood. Click here to learn more about whole soy.


New FREE Webinar on Targeted Nutrition Therapy for Wounds

The next topic in the free webinar series is entitled Improving Wound Care Through Targeted Nutritional Therapy. Join speaker Nancy Collins, PhD, RD, LD/N, FAPWCA as she discusses the difference between healing and chronic wounds and the relationship between lean body mass loss and wound healing. The webinar will also explore the function of amino acids and explain the role of arginine, glutamine and HMB in your plan of care. Please click here for more information.


Second nutritionDay in the U.S. Building on Success of the First

Having gained valuable benchmark data from last November’s one-day audit, the second nutritionDay in the U.S. is slated for November 4, 2010 — and this year, nursing homes as well as hospitals are invited to participate, advises Gail Gewirtz, MS, RD and National Project Coordinator. The program is part of a global initiative to improve patient outcomes through improved nutrition practices while reducing complications and healthcare costs (www.nutritionday.org). The fifth nutritionDay Worldwide occurred in January 2010, with facilities in 30 countries participating. “Our nation’s first ‘snapshot’ of nutrient intake by patients revealed several undernourishment issues which facilities can address,” Gewirtz reports. “Annual audits already have been shown to significantly impact nourishment practices and patient outcomes.” For nutritionDay in the U.S. program and registration details, contact Gewirtz at nutritiondayus@ymail.com.


Foodie Trip to Costa Rica for Dietitians, Nurses, and Other HCPs

You can earn 26.5 CPE units at the beautiful Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, a wellness and yoga destination in Alajuela, Costa Rica (www.rrresorts.com).  Join us Nov 13 – 20, 2010 for this memorable experience. The program includes presentations; a tour of the famous Varga family coffee plantation; a half-day tour to beautiful La Paz waterfall and wildlife sanctuary; a guided visit to the local farmer’s market to see exotic produce and foods; a tasting visit to a paleteria to sample tropical ice cream flavors; a Costa Rican cooking lesson with the retreat’s professional chef and so much more! Space is limited to guarantee that you have a personal experience. The cost of the package is $2095 with an early registration discount to $1995 when you register by August 15, 2010. Register with Di Chapman at 888-767-7375 ext. 225 or email reservations@puravidaspa.com. For more information, contact Dr. Sheila Campbell, RD at TastingCostaRica@hotmail.com.


FREE Job Service

The RD411.com job service is open for business. Employers can post their job openings quickly and easily for free. Job searchers can browse the listings and see if they find something of interest. Click here to take a look around.


RD411 Book Shelf

Each month Dr. Collins highlights one book she recommends.

This month’s book selection is entitled Soft Foods For Easier Eating Cookbook by Sandra Woodruff, RD and Leah Gilbert-Henderson, PhD. Each year, medical problems leave millions of people with chewing and swallowing problems that necessitate a soft or smooth diet. Many deal with this simply by puréeing each meal. The unfortunate result is unappetizing, to say the least--so people fail to obtain the critical nourishment they need. But there is a better way. This book provides an easy-to-follow guide that maximizes nutrition and taste when soft or smooth foods are needed. Sandra and Leah have put together over 150 recipes with tips on how to customize them to achieve just the right texture. With culture change coming to long-term care, it is important to remember that one size no longer fits all and we must individualize our nutrition care. This book was originally published in 2007 and was probably ahead of its time for culture change. But if you work in long-term care, it is time to revisit this issue and make the food more palatable for every diet consistency. For others, this is a great resource for cancer patients, dysphagia patients and those with dental problems. For more information, click here.


The RD411.com Mission

The more successful each individual dietitian is, the more successful the profession is as a whole. Think of RD411.com as your virtual assistant. The less time you spend reinventing the wheel, the more time you’ll have for your patients and clients—and yourself. You are welcome to download, modify, and distribute any materials you find on RD411.com for free.

RD411.com is a peer-to-peer network. You are invited to contribute to the site and share your best practices or any materials you have developed with your colleagues.  Just email RD411Office@gmail.com.  Click here to see the long list of contributors!

Let RD411.com save you time so you can get back to the business of nutrition and healthcare.


Here Is Whatís New This Month

Cookbooks: Tips for Writing Your Own 
Labels: Is What Is Listed on Foods and Menus Accurate? 
Nutrition Assessment Guidelines: When Adjustments Are Required 
Nutrient-Dense, Immune-Enhancing Foods 
Neutropenic Diet 
Endometriosis Facts 
Joint Health: Could a Supplement Help? 
Vasovagal Syncope 
Flour Glossary 
10 Choices for 10 Important Nutrients (supported by Smart Balance) 
Cooking Healthful Foods: How Much Do You Know? 
Cardiac Jeopardy Game 
Food Industry Innovations 
Plastics Facts 
Fats: How to Nip Trans Fats (supported by Smart Balance) 
Sugar: Problems Linked to High Intake 
Cancer and Overweight and Obesity: Does a Link Exist? 
Calorie Reduction: Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories or More 
Fat: The Difference Between Brown and White Fat 
Obesity: A Look at How We Are Doing 
Obesity: Are Physicians Prepared to Treat Patients?

New Copy Ready PDFs from RD411.comís Supporters

100 Calorie Portion Comparisons
Breakfast: Know Breakfast Quiz
Breakfast: It All begins With Breakfast Tri-fold 
Fiber Confusion
Fiber: How to Find Higher-Fiber Foods 
Flip for Fiber
Healthier Life: First Fit & Five
Nuts: Nutrient Composition of Tree Nuts
Pistachios and a Calorie-Reduced Diet
Pistachios Are Heart Healthy Fact Sheet
Pistachios: The Skinny Nut
Simple Steps to a Higher-Fiber Diet

New Slide Sets - slides are best viewed with a high speed connection. These are graphically intense and take a few minutes to download so please be patient.

Weight Management: Fruits and Vegetables That Help 
Weight Management 
Wellness: Plant the Seeds of GARDEN Wellness to Grow a Healthier You! 
Food Likes and Dislikes Questionnaire 


Want to Help a Busy Colleague?

RD411’s philosophy is simple – the more successful each individual dietitian is, the more successful the profession is as a whole. This is a community site and we welcome submissions, ideas, and suggestions from all colleagues and practitioners. If you have developed a great policy, a helpful form, or have another idea to share, contact Dr. Nancy Collins, PhD, RD, LD/N at RD411Office@gmail.com. Our goal is to get you out of the office and back with patients or clients doing what you do best!