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Shopping Smart for Weight Loss


Shopping Smart for Weight Loss

Fill your cart here! Make this the most important section of the store. Most vegetables are very low in calories and high in fiber. A low-calorie diet is based on fruits and vegetables. Use them as a tool to help you feel fuller on fewer calories.

Meat, seafood, and deli

  • Think lean:
    • Beef—loin, round, and extra-lean ground beef
    • Pork—loin
    • Lamb—leg
    • Poultry—white meat without skin
    • Seafood—items that are not breaded
  • Remember a proper portion size is 3 ounces cooked (the size of a deck of cards)
  • Choose cuts with little fat marbling (trim all visible fat prior to cooking)
  • Use low-fat cooking methods:
    • Bake
    • Broil
    • Grill
    • Microwave
    • Steam
    • Poach


  • Choose skim or fat-free dairy products, instead of whole-fat products
  • Choose lite, nonfat yogurt (some yogurt has added sugar)
  • Beware of cheeses that are high in fat (use them sparingly)


  • Go lite
  • Look for margarine that has 50 or fewer calories/serving


  • Choose foods made from whole grains
  • Make sure that the grain product that you choose has whole wheat listed as the first ingredient on the label


  • Read the label
  • Choose low-fat or fat-free varieties of mayonnaise and salad dressings
  • Use flavored vinegar, which is virtually calorie free

Frozen foods

  • Choose carefully
  • Know that your best choices are:
    • Frozen fruits
    • Frozen vegetables and vegetable medleys
    • Skillet-type dinners where the sauce is in a separate packet (only add one-third of the sauce and use more vegetables)

Canned foods

  • Avoid products with added sugar
  • Choose canned fruits, vegetables, and beans, which often are healthy, time-saving choices
  • Select canned fruits that are packed in water or juice, instead of syrup


  • Choose healthful snacks that use fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Limit high-calorie foods that are sold as snacks
  • Read the labels
  • Look at the serving size, servings/container, and calories/serving
  • Know that low-carb, sugar-free, or fat-free products usually are not always low in calories


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Contributed by Judy Doherty, PC II,
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